Selenium Advanced Training Syllabus


  • Selenium Introduction
    • Selenium vs other automation tools
    • Advantages of selenium over other tools
    • Technologies involved in selenium
    • Selenium IDE
    • Web Driver

Locators¬† — ID, Name, Xpath, CSS


  • Installing Firefox
  • Installing firebug and fire path and fire finder add-ons in Firefox
  • How to locate HTML elements using Xpath and Css

Introduction to WebDriver

  • Downloading and configuring WebDriver in eclipse
  • Opening & Closing browsers
  • Creating Firefox profile
  • Implementation of WebDriver with HtmlUnit Driver
  • Installing & Using Firebug and FirePath Add-ons in Firefox
  • Identifying WebElements using id, name, link text, class, xpath, tagname etc
  • Creating Customized xPath’s & CSS Selector’s.
  • Handling Input Box/Buttons, WebList, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes & Links
  • Extracting links and other WebElements
  • Capturing screenshots
  • Handling Pop-up windows, Alerts & iFrames
  • Simulating the Keyboard Keypress events
  • Handling Hover Menu
  • Handling drag & drop Actions
  • Selenium Javadocs
  • Cookie Testing
  • Data Parameterization with MS Excel
  • Test Logging & Reading Configuration Files
  • Advanced WebDriver
  • Handling Dynamic WebTables
  • Implicit and Explicit WebDriver Wait Conditions
  • Invoking JavaScript Functions
  • Managing variable xpaths


  • Installing TestNg in Eclipse
  • Understanding usage of TestNg annotations
  • Running a Test
  • Parallel Running of tests
  • Skipping Tests
  • Parameterizing Tests
  • Assertions/Reporting Errors
  • TestNg Reports
  • Advantages over Junit
  • Using TestNg in Selenium
  • Downloading and configuring Ant
  • Build.xml configuration
  • XSLT/ReportNG report generation using TestNg and Ant
  • Building a BAT file to run tests using ANT
  • Testng Listeners
  • Frameworks WD – TestNG data driven FrameWork
  • Overview of Data driven Framework
  • Building XLS File Having Test Cases and Keywords
  • Building XLS File Having Test Data
  • Building Base class
  • Reading XPATHS, Configuration from properties file
  • Implementing WebdriverWait
  • Implementing the keywords using the reflection API
  • Implementing tests
  • Assertions and Reporting Errors
  • Parameterizing tests using DataProvider and XL Files
  • Running the framework through ANT
  • Generating the reports
  • Creating a BAT file for project execution

Introduction to Page Object Model Framework concept.

  • What is Jenkins
  • Why Jenkins required
  • How to run test through Jenkins

Important topics

  • Refresh the concepts on selenium
  • Best Practices in Test Automation
  • Real time challenges faced in automation
  • Sample Interview questions and the answers
  • Resume Guidance